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There’s Still a Chance to Ship Vapes Even with the PACT Act

Shipping vaping products is a tricky issue, and the government agrees. After all, it’s illegal to ship Vaping exotiques overseas unless you have the proper permits from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, the PACT Act has been in effect since 2016, but it wasn’t enforced until only recently. Fortunately, there are still some ways that you can ship your vape products abroad.

Ship Vapes Even with the PACT Act

With that said, read on and find out why you shouldn’t despair yet because you still have a chance of vaping even with these restrictions.

Ship to a Business Address

This is is one of the best ways to ship your vapes abroad, as USPS will allow packages sent here without issues. So, if you can’t ship it to your store’s physical location, you can try using a small post office box or private mail drops with a large shipping and logistics company like FedEx or UPS.

However, you should note that it’s best to be vague with packaging descriptions while using this method. In fact, if you can, call your product something other than what it is.

For example, instead of describing the contents as “vaporizers,” try saying they are “handbags.” It would also be best to use a standard USPS envelope instead of a box for small packages (under 16oz).

This will help avoid costly tracking fees and guarantee delivery to most areas. You should also use a shipping service that offers USPS Priority Mail with free tracking.

Doing so will ensure you’ll be able to see where your package is at all times and if it gets stopped along the way, as shipments like this rarely get flagged by customs.

Call Customer Care Immediately If Flagged

It’s also an excellent idea to maximize good customer service via email or phone when shipping vaping products. So, if something gets flagged, you should call customer service and ask them what you can do to fix it.

They should be able to help guide you in the right direction by either removing a restricted item from your order or giving you a new label that won’t result in an automatic blocking due to the PACT Act regulations.

Use the USPS Delivery Confirmation

When sending larger packages typically over 16oz, it’s best to always include USPS Delivery Confirmation. This will guarantee that the package is delivered but not necessarily to your customer’s door unless it comes with a signature release.

With this, they can sign their package and pick it up at any post office without issue, which is perfect if they are out of town or work irregular hours.

Ship Using USPS Priority Mail

You can also ship all vape products via USPS Priority Mail to ensure that your packages arrive at their destination promptly. Through this, they won’t get held up at customs for multiple days due to the low cost of this service.

Aside from this, you should also consider using a small post office box or private mail drop located in large shipping and logistics companies like FedEx or UPS if you cannot ship to your store’s physical location.

This way, you will be able to receive packages without issues and send them out when necessary after removing any restricted items in packaging descriptions or changing labels, so your package won’t get flagged again due to the PACT Act regulations.

Final Thoughts

Shipping vaping products have undeniably become trickier, but more and more companies are finding ways to work around these issues. For example, they now seek a partnership with the highly respected non-profit organization, SFATA (Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association).

This organization can make sure that the industry has a strong voice in government. With that said, hopefully, this article has helped you discover some of the ways you can ship your vapes without encountering too many issues.

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