Since our dawn in this industry, our Logistics services in Canada have provided warehousing services. In business with major Canadian Companies, we continue to operate acquiescent, safe, and efficient operations. Our services in Canada are sundry in their product mix and handling requirements, from small pick-pack to high-risk operations. Our aim is to deliver reliable compliance to all required legislation and standards. Our promise is to advance and maintain our supervision systems in a way that encounters or exceeds the highest industry standards which include:

  1. ISO 9001 & 14000
  2. NFC, NFPA & OFC
  3. Responsible Care
  4. Occupational Health & Safety
  5. Agricultural Warehousing Standards (AWSA)
  6. International Cyanide Management Code (HCMI)

Our Administration has developed and upholds a Business Management System, which combines 61 operations, 13 emergency response, and 14 business management system events and progressions that get-up-and-go and manage site operations unswervingly across multiple sites. Safety is our principal focus; our goal of NIL incidents and grievances drives our vow to continual enhancement. All of our succeeded facilities have achieved industry-leading safety marks.