Combined with the professionalism of our drivers and the co-operation of our clients, we have our names in the files of top-ranking fleet drivers. Besides providing jobs to drivers, we also offer many other job opportunities for place holders like dispatchers, administrative clerks, mechanics, and warehouse workers.

We also placed a system in progress for visitors who like to join us. All they are required to do is fill up some paperwork and submit their profile in our designated offices. The requests are then forwarded once done and the selection procedures will begin with accordance to the recruitment policies of the company.


Before hiring our staff, we make sure that they have what it takes to meet the never-ending competition in the growing industries of Canada. It is our top priority that the staff we hire and send to our clients are capable of completing and providing excellent services in every situation. We make sure our electives do not let our clients down. The following requirement standards are met in all our selection procedures. We hire the staff that is according to the standard of the industrial age and make sure they are well tested and qualified in every aspect!

  1. Minimum age of 21 years
  2. Verifiable experience of 1 year or more
  3. Minimum High School Degree is preferred
  4. Was not involved in a preventable accident involving a fatality
  5. Was not involved in more than 3 avoidable accidents and none in the last 2 years
  6. Was not found guilty of DUI or DWI within the last 5 years
  7. Was not charged with more than 5 moving defilements within the last 5 years
  8. Did not have their license revoked or suspended in the last 5 years
  9. Before commencing the job, they have to pass a Physical DOT and a drug test