Truck Drivers CBD Products

5 Ways Truck Drivers Can Use CBD Products

Before you take any CBD products while driving a truck, there are three things to consider. Firstly, you should speak to your employer about your intention. E.g. If you take BudPop for pain or anxiety, show your employer the recommendation from your doctor. Secondly, since some users experience sleepiness after taking CBD, you should be sure that this does not apply to you, especially while driving a truck. Thirdly, double-check that your chosen CBD product has no trace of THC. Now, if you have done all of this, here are some ways you can use CBD products:


You can smoke the flower if you want to enjoy it naturally. This is the fastest-acting method of CBD delivery, so it offers instant pain and anxiety relief. It will only be seconds before the substance enters the bloodstream, as there are thousands of capillaries inside the lungs.

However, it is not exactly discreet. Smokers and vapers also need to lug around extra tools, such as cartridges and papers. Lastly, those with respiratory issues will struggle with it.


This involves the addition of drops of CBD tincture to consume, although you can also just swallow them. The method can take place in the form of CBD gummies, coffee, chocolate, tea, and gel capsules.

If you want to enjoy the effects of CBD for a longer period of time, this is ideal. It is a discreet, versatile, and possibly delicious method. Even so, there are people who find it wasteful due to the compounds lost over the course of the metabolism process. On top of that, this method is the slowest in terms of the onset of effects.


It is also popular to consume CBD by adding a few drops under the tongue with a tincture pipette, which lets you dispense drops as needed. Capillaries below the tongue absorb and transfer the compounds to the bloodstream in approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

This is a pretty discrete method of delivery and has long-lasting effects. It is easy to control the dose with the pipette too. However, the experience might be hampered by the bitter or hempy taste.


In this method, CBD is applied directly to the skin through a cream, lotion, or ointment. It is perfect for those who want to feel the effects in a specific part of the body. The products use CBD that target CB2 receptors of the upper layers of the skin. A small amount of the compound will reach the bloodstream. These products can help with skin and muscle problems. However, they only address site-specific needs.


This refers to the use of patches with penetration enhancers that transfer the compounds into the bloodstream. This results in slow but steady consumption over a period of more than eight hours. While it is discreet and easy to use, it can be expensive and might irritate sensitive skin.

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