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Factors to Consider when Shipping a Mattress

Mattresses are bulky. This makes them difficult to transport from one room to another, much more if you want it to send it somewhere far enough that you need to avail of shipping services. If you are looking for a solution, check this website.

You also need to consider numerous factors when shipping a mattress, such as why you are shipping it, its original price, how old the bed is, and more.

As far as advancements go, mattresses sell at lower prices than in previous years. Their qualities have also improved by leaps and bounds, giving you a chance to ponder whether to ship a mattress or just buy a new one instead. The connection between mattresses & sleep has also been vastly improved.

Of course, buying a new mattress will save you the hassle of getting an old one shipped. New ones also usually come with free shipping, so your sleep is guaranteed to get better without the stress of added overhead costs.

In case shipping gets too intimidating for you, however, you can consider hiring a van or truck large enough to accommodate your mattress instead. This will also be more cost-efficient if you have other things to send aside from the mattress itself.

If, for some reason, you are still going through the shipping process, here is a list of variables you will need to take note of:

Where You’re Sending It

Shipping normally gets more expensive the farther the destination is. The costs can get even higher for something as heavy as a mattress.

Mattress Size and Dimension

Similar to the distance, shipping heavy objects will also increase the cost significantly. Therefore, make sure you know the accurate measurement of the mattress and its dimensions so that the shipping company can give you an exact quote.

Don’t forget to consider the extra costs if you also need to ship your bed frame along with it.

When You Need it Shipped

Expedited shipping will incur a different fee compared to standard delivery. If you are not in a hurry, you can avail of the cheaper option to save yourself a few bucks.


People rarely ship mattresses from point A to point B. If you are going out of your way to send something as complicated as a mattress, then it must be either too expensive or has a sentimental value.

If both of these are true, then availing of an insurance policy will provide you with a safety net just in case things go wrong or the mattress gets damaged.

Once all of these are considered, inquire if the shipping company has any specific requirements for packing up the mattress. After that, it’s time to pack your mattress using bubble wraps or shrinkwraps to protect it. You can also use a mattress encasement which is available in the market.

Place the mattress in a box and make sure to stuff the empty spaces inside it with extra bubble wraps or shrinkwraps to minimize the possibility of it getting damaged. Don’t forget to secure the box by taping it tightly properly. Take care of loose flaps and double-check for any torn areas.

Finally, make sure that you communicate with the shipping company regarding the pickup details and get proof that they have already received your mattress.

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