5 Maintenance Tips for Delivery Trucks

With delivery trucks going back-and-forth all-day making deliveries for your delivery business, they are susceptible to excessive wear and tear and need recommended winter tires. For this reason, proper truck maintenance is vital and acts as a preventive measure.

Not doing regular maintenance can be more costly in the long run in terms of excessive breakdowns and costly repairs. Here are effective tips for properly maintaining your delivery truck.

Conduct Regular Inspections and Tests

For your delivery business to do well, you need to perform regular tests and inspections on the delivery truck. Other than helping save money in the long run, regular inspections can also lessen the risk of accidents.

But, with proper inspection, you will be able to identify the problems before they start showing severe symptoms or just completely failing. It is advisable to do regular inspections of car parts like the engine, tires, brakes, storage tank, fuel tank, and the electrical system.

Ensure that the tires are in peak condition to avoid issues like a flat or blow tire. During winter, it is wise to invest in good Winter Tires that offer increased grip to help your truck stay on the road.

Another tip is to do regular oil change to avoid wearing down the engine too early. Doing this will keep the engine in the right condition and even reduce fuel consumption.

Chassis Maintenance

In making deliveries, your truck needs to go to many different places and carry various types of packages, and it’s exposed to varying weather conditions, chemicals, and elements. Over time, this may cause corrosion on your chassis.

To avoid this, always make sure to take your truck to the car wash regularly and to use quality paint.

Parts Replacement

It is only natural that some parts of your truck will wear down over time. It is important to do a replacement as soon as you notice a broken or worn out part. This will help you save money in future repairs and avoid bigger problems during your deliveries.

Prepare a Maintenance Plan

Deliveries are booked in advance, so you can know how much wear and tear your trucks will endure in the coming weeks and months. Knowing this, you can estimate when your trucks will need maintenance, and you can establish a plan that will not interfere with your deliveries.

Understand Your Trip Condition

Now that you have a truck maintenance routine, the next step is to understand the condition of your trip. For this, you need to know the type of package you will be delivering, length of trip, and the condition of where you will be driving. This will let you know the type of maintenance that you will require. You can also consult with your mechanic on tips of keeping your truck in top shape.


If you have a delivery business, then you need a properly maintained and well-functioning truck. Follow the above tips to prolong the life of your truck and help make your business better.

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