Can I Be a Truck Driver and Go to College?

So, you are prepared to pass the GRE graduation test, you have applied for your dream college, and now you need to figure out how to afford your lifestyle and Uni fees in the next few years. Well, truck driving pays well, and working shifts are flexible. There are many other reasons you would want to track and attend college once. Especially if travelling is a hobby and seeing changing sceneries is refreshing.

Another reason why truck driving has become a popular job for college students is that no experience is needed.

So what does trucker do? Drive carriage trucks to deliver commodities from one destination to the other. They can either be short or long-distance truckers.

What Options Do You Have to Be a Trucker and Go to College?

Study Online

Trucking might be demanding and deny you time to attend a one-on-one class. Imagine trucking for long distances, and when you are worn out and need some rest, someone suggests you attend some class? I don’t think you will appreciate this.

But if you choose an online course, you can enjoy its flexibility and learn on your own time. Maybe during unloading or in-between jobs, you can concentrate on your studies.

Drive During Semesters-Breaks

Getting a trucking company that will give you jobs during college holidays is better. This arrangement will allow you ample time to concentrate on your studies without stressing about trucking. Maneuvering between your college studies and driving trucks simultaneously can be challenging.

Truck Before Joining College

Working after high school before joining isn’t a bad idea. It can give you ample time to plan your college study and even save money for your college expenses. Trucking is one of the jobs you can do without a college education. You can sign a one-year or so contract with a trucking company. Some trucking companies offer sponsorship to train and acquire a CDL course, provided you finish one year there.

Reasons for Trucking and Going to College

Save money for college leisure, or see whether a trucking career is better than a college degree.

Driving a carriage truck can be a way of earning college fees or other expenses. Someone else may take it as a financial backup plan to follow back as they look for a job in their particular profession. Some people find themselves trucking and attending college just like that. Whatever reason you have, trucking can become your day job or a way to earn extra cash.

Challenges of Trucking When Attending College

Most carriage companies that offer CDL training for free will require you to work for them for not less than a year. A trucking contract can mess you up if you fail to honour the terms in a contract. Since you also want to attend college, get all the information you need before supporting this direction.

Another challenge is that the trucking earnings may not be enough to cover your current bills and put you through college. Embarking on trucking will probably backfire if you don’t do your math well.

Bottom Line

Are you wondering whether you can drive trucks and go to college? If you are well prepared and set your priorities right, you can do that. Along the way, if you discover it isn’t manageable, there are always other options.

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