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Where to Buy Paint Online During the Coronavirus Lockdown

While the coronavirus lockdown is placed, most people are looking for productive ways like Interior painting to keep them sane. Many shops are closed, including hardware stores though they may be considered as essential. Even if you say to the authorities that you need hardware supplies for your house, still, it is not acceptable under the lockdown rules.

For this reason, many people are searching ways where they could buy paintbrushes, paint, and the like. If you want to start house painting amidst this pandemic, we list down our favorite places where you could buy paint online. Here are they:

  1. Amazon

Amazon still accepts online orders and make deliveries amidst the coronavirus outbreak. However, they are only available to some locations, and the choice of paint brands may not be as much. Some of the best brands that are available in this platform as of the moment are Johnstone’s, Ronseal, Dulux, and Rust-Oleum.

Although there have been fewer choices to choose from, you would find the one appropriate paint for your wall, door, or your entire house. Take note that you may have to wait for a week or so before your online order reaches you.

  1. eBay

Paints are also available for online orders and deliveries on eBay. Only a few ranges of paint are available, but if you’re lucky enough, you may find the brand and color you are looking for. Good news though, if you want to re-paint or upgrade your wall and ceiling, you would not run out of choices for that matter.

  1. Wickes

There is a variety of paint you can purchase on Wickes; the only problem is that you may face some browsing difficulties online. There’s an ongoing queuing system in this platform. Thus, you have to wait for several minutes before you could browse their website.

That’s not a huge worry, though, so long as you may get what you’re looking for in this hard time. The website is busier during weekdays. To avoid the queuing system, it is advised you try browsing online in the morning on weekends.

  1. B&Q

B&Q, a hardware and DIY retailer, offers limited stocks of paint online. If you are looking for something on your wall and ceiling, you may not find a lot of choices here. However, fence wood treatment and Ronseal shed are available. You can also buy here painting materials such as rollers, brushes, and even ornaments for decoration.

  1. Paint the Town Green

If you are looking for environmental-friendly paint, this shop offers 42 various shades. Their physical store may be closed, but they are up for online orders and deliveries online. You can place your order online, email, or telephone calls.


The strict lockdown rules left everyone staring at their walls and come up with some productive ideas of upgrading it. This time is a good idea to start DIY-ing and beautify your home. While hardware is not an essential thing under the rules, searching where to buy paint would be a hurdle for everyone.

Hence, we have come to help you with your sourcing. Buy your favorite paint brands in these online shops, and enjoy DIY-ing with your family.

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