Driving Clothes

How to Choose the Right Driving Clothes

Most of the time, what drivers wear during their regular driving days are unnoticed. However, there are actually pieces of clothing items that a driver can wear, or even avoid, to make their travel better, especially from Calgary. Just like custom t-shirts that are made specifically for a certain purpose, the right driving clothes can increase the driver’s comfort, traction, visibility, and focus. Here are some of the best driving clothes and tips on how to choose them:

Driving Shoes

A driver’s footwork is one of the most important skills that is used in driving. Therefore, it is important for the driver to choose the best footwear when going for a drive. One of the most popular driving shoe brands is The Original Car Shoe. It was made by Gianni Mostile around the 1960s to improve the driving experience with Italian roadsters. Even today, The Original Car Shoe is still a favorite even among professional drivers because of its superb comfort, incomparable grip, and fine Italian design.

Tip: When choosing your driving shoes, go for the leather or suede type.  Also, take note that most driving shoes are loafer styled. When driving, you may try to go sockless when using your driving shoes. It will add more comfort and traction while driving. Also, pairing them with slim jeans will give you a more fashionable look.


Eyewear was once an important driving accessory during the early 1900s. They were used to protect the eyes from the dirt that the driver and passengers get with driving top-down vehicles. Today, a pair of sunglasses is enough to protect the driver from the blinding sunlight and from dust and wind if you have an open top vehicle. However, even if you are not driving a Formula 1 car, it is still essential for any driver to choose the best kind of sunglasses because some designs and styles are not recommended for driving.

Tip: When choosing the frame for your driving eyewear, find one that will not be a hinder to your peripheral vision. One of the most popular choices for drivers is aviator glasses because they are usually light framed and have a flat design. Also, make sure to consider the tint of your eyewear. According to some studies, blue, green, and pink tinted lenses make it hard for drivers to notice red lights.

Driving Gloves

Lastly, but certainly not the least, driving gloves are still a must-have among drivers to complete a one-of-a-kind driving experience. Driving gloves increases a driver’s hand grip and control. Additionally, they add comfort during cold winter days. A popular choice is a pair of leather gloves, which signifies sophistication with a touch of a vintage feel.

Tip: When choosing driving gloves, search for hand-sewn items that are made from peccary leather.

What to Avoid

While the items above can help the driver have an easy driving, here are some clothing items to avoid when driving:

  • High-heeled shoes
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • Overly tight jeans or dresses

Give the suggested tips above a go to have the right driving clothes. However, also don’t forget to be careful on the road and give your full focus as safety is always the priority when you’re driving.

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