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Buy Paint Online

Where to Buy Paint Online During the Coronavirus Lockdown

While the coronavirus lockdown is placed, most people are looking for productive ways like Interior painting to keep them sane. Many shops are closed, including hardware stores though they may be considered as essential. Even if you say to the authorities that you need hardware supplies for your house, still, it is not acceptable under the lockdown rules.
For this reason, many people are searching ways where they could buy paintbrushes, …

Driving Clothes

How to Choose the Right Driving Clothes

Most of the time, what drivers wear during their regular driving days are unnoticed. However, there are actually pieces of clothing items that a driver can wear, or even avoid, to make their travel better, especially from Calgary. Just like custom t-shirts that are made specifically for a certain purpose, the right driving clothes can increase the driver’s comfort, traction, visibility, and focus. Here …

Success Story

As a leading company in the truck driver facility industry, we at IceCorp Logistic Company provides you with quality and excellent services in the area. We provide solutions and customizations that would fit your specific situation; and, we also offer additional professional services like mechanical, clerical, warehouse management, on-site managers, communication units, etc. whenever desired.
At IceCorp Logistic Company, we follow a stern qualification process that’s even higher than…